About Us

Who We Are

Coté Color Corporation is a family-owned business dedicated to efficient and excellent service. 

After paying off his children’s college tuitions, Gene Coté founded Coté Color Corporation in 1985. Now helmed by his son, Paul Coté, the company has delivered unparalleled products to clients across the Southeast for over 30 years.

What We Do

Coté Color Corporation provides a range of pigments, dyestuffs, and auxiliary products, such as custom-color matched shades with a Certificate of Analysis. Our expert chemists and technicians employ a range of tactics to ensure each color meets your company’s specifications. 

Coté Color also offers custom packages to each client which include color, binding agents, softeners, and other necessary auxiliary products.

Our Mission

The founders and employees at Coté Color are dedicating to serving our with respect and efficiency.